A dog sings the blues with more passion and rhythm than most humans

One cannot simply sing the blues. You need to FEEL the blues. The blues are an emotion, a journey, a spiritual unraveling of someone’s innermost suffering. This dog. This dog has seen some shit.  While, sure, we’ve seen other ...

Is it live, or is it Memorex

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Michigan J Dog

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Troll dog learns that playing dead totally freaks out his friend

Jack the dog has mastered the art of trolling. According to its owner Sam, Jack has learned that playing dead can really freak out his buddy Archie. SEE ALSO: Sad dog just misses his humans

It’s That Wonderful Time Of Year When Dog Owners Try To Put Booties On Their Pups

Walking around in the winter is treacherous for humans — there’s snow, ice, and it’s freezing cold! Our pets have it a little easier with their furry bodies and claws to help them navigate slippery surfaces. But all that salt ...

Reluctant dad writes incredibly detailed family dog contract

The decision to get a family dog comes with a lot of responsibility. And let’s face it, most kids aren’t always willing when it comes to following through on chores. So when these kids begged their father to get a family dog, he ...

23 Guilty Pets Who Had Absolutely No Idea You’d Be Home So Soon…

If you’re a pet owner, you’ve probably wondered more than once what your furry ones do while you’re at work… Are they sleeping away the day, maybe they’re getting into the food, or tearing up your magazines? Short ...

Once This Dog Figures Out What’s Under This Blanket, She Can NOT Hold In Her Joy

Returning home from vacation, this dog’s owner decided to play a funny trick on his pup. Running into the backyard before Fizz could see him, he found the perfect hiding spot under a blanket, and waited. Suddenly the big girl showed up, ...

Flowers make everything better!!! Dog Week… A Tiger.Leo Event

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