It took the internet coming together to figure out this bizarre optical illusion dog

The eye can often be fooled by simple things like the manipulation of light, a change of angles, or a beloved pet.   Even a photo of what looks like a wildly-deformed dog can mess with your mind.   And it can also send the web into ...

Cool dog doesn’t want you to know how much it loves that beautiful trampoline

When a person wakes up and finds their dog bouncing on a trampoline, it raises some questions.  Does your dog not get enough attention? Does it wish that it could fly? Does it have any trampoline tips to teach you?  All of these or ...

Michigan J Dog

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25 Dogs That Just Don’t Care About Invading Your Personal Space

Personal space seems to be a completely human concept. For me, I only want someone in my bubble when invited. This, of course, makes living in a city of eight million people a little rough, but I make it work. If someone breaks my personal barrier ...

Guilty Dog Hilariously Tries To Hide A Sandwich In His Mouth Nice Try, Guy!

If you’ve ever owned a dog, you know and understand that sometimes they attempt to steal some of your food. If it’s in clear view, it’s pretty much fair game — at least in their opinion. The instant you look away from ...

This May Be The Funniest Game Of Hide-And-Seek Ever…Just Wait For It!

When this adorable pup is challenged to a game of hide-and-seek by his little human friends, he jumps into action. Unfortunately, his success is short-lived after finding them due to their hiding spot deciding to hang around for his victory ...

Flowers make everything better!!! Dog Week… A Tiger.Leo Event

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Everything is more fun when done with good friends!!! Dog Week … A Tiger.Leo Event

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Spoiled dog refuses to sit on dog bed, chooses hardwood floor instead

Well, they tried. Pet owners just want what’s best for their furry friends. From purchasing expensive, grain-free food and toys to luxurious grooming products, people drop some serious cash on their dogs. But your dog doesn’t care ...

Gotta crank the dog to get that maximum spin!!! Dog Week…A Tiger.leo Event

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