It took the internet coming together to figure out this bizarre optical illusion dog

The eye can often be fooled by simple things like the manipulation of light, a change of angles, or a beloved pet.  

Even a photo of what looks like a wildly-deformed dog can mess with your mind.  

And it can also send the web into a frenzy. 

Reddit user, chadwalk posted a photo last week with the title, “Optical Illusion Dog”.  

Image: via Reddit user Chadwalk

At first its hard to decipher what exactly you’re supposed to be looking at. There’s a dog at the front of the picture and the dog in the back looks like its in position that couldn’t possibly make any sense. 

Comment from discussion Optical Illusion Dog.

Comment from discussion Optical Illusion Dog.

The folks over at Reddit decided to dive deep into the rabbit hole that is the, optical illusion dog.

What the people eventually discovered was the pup actually had its head tilted. One user uploaded a photo diagram to try and make sense of the illusion.

Comment from discussion Optical Illusion Dog.

Someone also made a gif to try and help people who might have still been a bit confused. 

The people came together to finally figure out the dog illusion. We can now rest.

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