It took the internet coming together to figure out this bizarre optical illusion dog

The eye can often be fooled by simple things like the manipulation of light, a change of angles, or a beloved pet.   Even a photo of what looks like a wildly-deformed dog can mess with your mind.   And it can also send the web into ...

Cool dog doesn’t want you to know how much it loves that beautiful trampoline

When a person wakes up and finds their dog bouncing on a trampoline, it raises some questions.  Does your dog not get enough attention? Does it wish that it could fly? Does it have any trampoline tips to teach you?  All of these or ...

50+ Funny Tweets By Curious Zelda That Will Instantly Make Your Day

Zelda’s eyes are definitely her defining characteristic. The feline has a curious look, and everything seems to be exciting to her. Some say she’s always high on catnip, but it’s just the way she’s wired. From reaching ...

This Funny Dog Stopped In Its Tracks And Froze When A Mortal Enemy Revealed Itself

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Michigan J Dog

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They Were Trying To Sing Happy Birthday When This Funny Dog Stole The Show

Funny Dog Tweets

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25 Dogs That Just Don’t Care About Invading Your Personal Space

Personal space seems to be a completely human concept. For me, I only want someone in my bubble when invited. This, of course, makes living in a city of eight million people a little rough, but I make it work. If someone breaks my personal barrier ...

This Black Lab Is Slowly Turning White, So Internet Responds With Photoshop Battle

Feeling up to the challenge? Then download the cutout and add your creations to the list below. Don’t forget to vote! Download Original | Download Cutout Add Image #1 Pandadog Add your photo to this ...
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