Protect Your Pet Against Tick Infestation Now!

They’re Gross.
And Scary.


The Eastern Deer Tick (Ixodes scapularis) It is a hard-bodied tick (family Ixodidae) of the eastern and northern Midwestern United States. It is a vector for several diseases of animals, including humans

. In The East They’re Known As The Deer Tick… and they’re Hunting Your Pet All Year Long!The Western Black-legged Tick is cousin of the Eastern Black-legged or Deer Tick.On the East Coast, when winter comes in and things slow down, this is exactly when things heat up for the West Coast…In December and January, California folks need to watch out…Once there is snow and freezing it slows them down on the East Coast though they are still a risk, especially on the warmer winter days…on the East Coast, things heat up with the adult ticks, as they get into October and November…”


 Give Your Dog or Cat A Fighting Chance!

One Tick Can Infect You Pet With Any And All Of The Following Heartbreaking Diseases:

    • Rocky Mountain spotted fever
    • Canine ehrlichiosis
    • Canine babesiosis
    • Canine hepatozoonosis
    • Lyme disease


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Tick Prevention


An Ounce Of Prevention is Worth A TON Of Cure!

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